Are You Ready to Migrate to Salesforce Flows? 

With our guide you will:

  • Learn the anticipated depreciation timeline for Workflow Rules and Process Builder in SFDC

  • Become more acquainted with Flows

  • Understand key advantages Flows offer  

  • Receive tips to strategize your migration:
    • Analyzing automation
    • Testing your migration
    • Build new automations in Flow

ⓒ Sonar Software, 2022

With the current efforts to move automations such as Workflow Rules to Flows, any Admin can agree the task is daunting and quite complex. Sonar can quickly help identify the Workflow Rules, add them to a project plan, and begin collaborating with your team on how to migrate them to new Flows, or add to an existing one.

Brad Smith, CEO and 
Co-Founder, Sonar

2022 will be a year of changes with Salesforce. With Workflow Rules and Process Builder automations soon retiring and migrating to Flow, Admins are bracing for a daunting and complex workload ahead.