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Sonar syncs the metadata in your org once a day, identifies new changes, and presents a history of all metadata changes made by users and at the system level.

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How does Sonar help?

Issue Tracking

Sonar seeks out common breaks that Formula Validation simply won’t catch. The Sonar UI alerts you to an issue, making the issue clear and actionable.


Initiatives bring teams together—a commonplace to plan, enact and troubleshoot Salesforce projects, as well as look back at the org’s history.


Tags are completely customizable. Some examples include tagging items based on department ownership of the metadata and the processes it's involved with.

Org Search

Always present on the left-hand side of the screen, Sonar can search through everything–from field metadata to Flow nodes to find what you need.

Org Metrics

Sonar provides high-level metrics for those who want to understand how an org is evolving on a daily, monthly and ongoing basis.

Sonar is the smart way to simplify complex changes in Salesforce. Request a demo to activate your free two-week trial.

[Sonar] makes your org transparent, helping you work out what went wrong, should the worst happen. That means there’s minimal downtime for those all-important business processes. Having acquired a few grey hairs over the years untangling org spaghetti, I can only wish I’d heard of Sonar sooner.

See how Sonar helps Salesforce Admins save 20 hours per month on average.

See how Sonar can help simplify your Salesforce org.

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