Your guide to overcoming the 
5 biggest ops challenges.

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  • How (and why) to advocate for more RevOps resources

  • The biggest inefficiencies by function, and how to solve them

  • Ways to earn more support from your leadership team

  • How to gain more control over your work and better protect your time

  • Best practices to become more empowered in your role

Bonus: Includes the latest report on how much ops pros are earning.

β“’ Sonar Software, 2021

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Earlier this year, ops pros worldwide took the Future of Ops & Admins Survey. They shared exclusive insight into their challenges, the structure of their team, what consumes their time, and much more.

Your Biggest Ops Challenges Revealed (& How to Overcome Them) 

Earlier this year, Salesforce Ben, Wizards of Ops, and Sonar teamed up for the Future of Ops & Admins Survey. Ops pros and Salesforce Admins from around the world weighed in, sharing an exclusive view into what’s challenging them, how their team works, what their company and team structures look like, and much more.

On this webinar, Lucy Mazalon, Editor & Content Operations at Salesforce Ben & THE DRIP, and Brad Smith, CEO & Co-founder at Sonar, are unpacking the survey findings.

Tune in and download the ebook to uncover:

βœ…  The five most common challenges ops teams and Salesforce Admins face
βœ…  Best practices for overcoming the obstacles and finding success in your role
βœ…  An exclusive sneak peek at the 2021 Ops Compensation Report